Harris Fanaroff

Life After Sports Podcast


Check out my episode on the amazing Life After Sports podcast!

“On today’s show, I welcome Harris Fanaroff. He is a former Lehigh University baseball player who now helps businesses, leaders, and athletes have difficult conversations. As a leadership and business development coach, Harris has a gift for helping people uncover the deep issues that hold them back from excellence in business and in life. But he’s had to fight for that skill. He’s had to wrestle his own demons, to confront the pain of his own transition from baseball. He’s had to learn how to re-tell his athlete story… and that’s at the heart of success in life after sports.

In today’s episode, you will:

Hear how Harris reframed– and overcame– a debilitating condition that virtually ended his baseball career overnight.

Learn the differences between mentorship, counseling, and coaching… and why athletes can benefit from some of each.

Discover how introverts and extroverts alike can leverage the power of conversation to tap into new opportunities in life after sports.”