Harris Fanaroff

10 Thoughtful Things You Can Do For Others While Quarantined

A typical Saturday in quarantine; We were weighing the options of clicking “continue watching” on the Apple TV, going for a second walk of the day, or starting happy hour a little early. Our conversation shifted and my fiance and I started discussing thoughtful ways we could connect with our loved ones also stuck at home. 

Wouldn’t our time be much better spent bringing a smile to their face? These days, its the small gestures that make all of the difference. Ironically, these actions also tend to make ourselves feel gratitude and lift our own spirits.

I searched online for creative inspiration and outside of keeping yourself and your children occupied, there was very little on kind acts for loved ones — while maintaining social distance of course. I took the task on myself to create such a list.

So here it is, 10 thoughtful things you can do for other people during coronavirus:

1. Create a mask using a personalized fabric – My future mother in law made us Washington Nationals masks and my nieces pink polka dot masks.

2. Write an email/letter with 5 things you’re grateful for to an individual – This could be a family member, mentor, mentee, or friend.

3. Create a picture book for someone you love – My fiancé has done this for me and I know they are time-consuming but they are amazing! She uses shutterfly.

4. Create a video series of 15-30 second clips for someone you love – Have all the grandchildren send you their favorite grandparent story and put them all together for one special video. 

5. Get someone you love a random gift of something you know they’d love – I just ordered my fiancé a puzzle from our honeymoon spot.

6. Organize and create a virtual game with friends over Zoom – one of my buddies has created a music and trivia game using Zoom and google forms that we play every Friday night.

7. Send a video/picture of a fun time to someone you haven’t spoken to in a while – Send them a pic/video of a great time together and just check-in to see how they are doing through this craziness. My buddy recently sent me a video of us celebrating the Caps winning the cup in 2018 and it brought a big smile to my face.

8. Organize a weekly dinner with someone who you know is quarantining alone – My grandma is quarantined alone so we’ve decided to do Wednesday night dinners with her every week.

9. Offer your expertise for free for individuals in need – I am offering (and have seen other coaches offer) free coaching sessions for those in need.

10. Write a review about someone who has impacted you on LinkedIn and/or endorse them for a specific skill – LinkedIn is the powerhouse of workforce social media and taking the 2-3 minutes to endorse someone for a skill or even writing them a review can go a long way.

Please share this out and let me know what you think! Is there a specific one that resonates with you?