Harris Fanaroff

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My Journey:

I was drafted by the Washington Nationals in 2010. However, just one year after turning down their offer, I “forgot” how to throw while in my first year of playing Division 1 college baseball.

For the first ~20 years of my life, I had been known as a baseball player and “being an athlete” consumed my identity. That all changed the Spring of 2011 when I got the “yips” — a mental block inhibiting my ability to throw a ball.

Spiraling with emotions, I dealt with six years of identity and self- esteem crisis. Being introduced to a professional coach, I found myself opening up to a stranger and allowing a personal level of vulnerability to surface, previously untouched.

This industry saved me in ways I am still discovering and my mission is to instill the power of coaching in others struggling with identity, career, and lifestyle challenges. I am now an International Coaching Federation (ICF) ACC Certified Coach and my many hours of experience has provided me with the tools to ask the right questions, leading my clients to unlock the valuable answers for themselves. As an ACC Certified Coach it means I have completed an ICF accredited coaching program, 100+ hours of coaching, and the Coach Knowledge Assessment.

I would be honored to call on my journey to unlock the potential of yours.



What is Coaching:

Coaching is a professional relationship that helps people produce extraordinary results in their personal lives, careers, businesses or organizations, helping them to bridge the gap between where they are now and where they want to be.

Coaches partner with their clients to bring out their own brilliance and resources so that they can achieve excellence and create purposeful, extraordinary lives.

By creating clarity, coaching moves the client into action, accelerating their progress by providing great focus and awareness of all the possibilities which exist


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