Bringing Emotional Intelligence into Sports

An active athlete for as long as I can remember, I always used to think about how I could involve sports in my future career. Now—almost a decade into my professional life, I have a career in Organization Development coaching and training, and I now find myself wondering how I can take these tools—self-awareness and […]

How to Help your Employees during Covid

We at OKA recently gathered twelve Organization & Leadership Development practitioners to address an urgent topic: “How are we helping people through the new reality of the world as we get into the Fall and start of school, and what are our organizations doing to help people deal with this new world?” The goal of […]

How to Help Athletes Missing their Season

Whether you are in High School or College, missing one of the few seasons you get to play your sport because of the pandemic is hard. It is especially difficult for the Seniors who lost their last season. We are in unprecedented times and to, basically out of nowhere, lose your season can be especially […]

Stress Tolerance Amidst a Pandemic – An Emotional Intelligence Tool

The fourteenth element of Emotional Intelligence is stress tolerance. Stress tolerance is defined by the EQi 2.0 as “the ability to function well in the midst of challenging and stressful situations – to shoulder stress without getting overwhelmed.” Stress tolerance is rooted in endurance, recovery, health, and resilience. There are many aspects of this pandemic […]

The Need for Flexibility in Our Current World – An Emotional Intelligence Tool

The thirteenth element of Emotional Intelligence is flexibility. Flexibility is defined by the EQi 2.0 as “your ability and tendency to adjust your emotions, thoughts, and behavior to changing situations and conditions, to adapt – to take in new data and change your mind or approach.” Flexibility is rooted in openness, curiosity, change, and adaptability. […]