Harris Fanaroff


Our Happy Clients

Keep doing what you’re doing Harris your work will help a lot of people. People with the right mindset and a good heart but that need guidance. My experience was amazing

It has been a pleasure working with you for the past 15 weeks. Within the last 6-8 sessions, I believe I have learned so much from you and have accomplished a great deal. Thank you for pushing me and asking me challenging questions that allowed me to paint my story and think outside of the box.

I told anyone who would listen about our conversation, sometimes saying things out loud can really make a difference

    This path was meant for you and the proof will be your success! I am so very proud of you and will be one of the first people to say, I knew him back then!

    Truly you have no idea how much our conversations, professional and otherwise have been. Your positivity and knowledge for this specialty are very evident. You will be very successful in this area

    I have really enjoyed learning more about you, your story, your passions, inspirations and more! Thank you for providing me with great wisdom. I would love to continue our coaching/mentoring sessions and continue to develop our personal and professional relationship.

    I am doing well!! I joined weight watchers literally 20 minutes after getting off of the phone with you and I have started walking.

    I can’t thank you enough. Experiencing was really cathartic & I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy day to work with me. See you in two weeks!

    I'm already looking up jobs!! Hooraaay!!

    Good morning, I would be more remiss to not take a moment to thank you for everything. You are so young to be so caring, and wise and thoughtful! And it is just a testament to how you were raised

    Thank you for another great coaching session this week! I have began to implement some of the things we have talked about and I am looking forward to meeting with you again soon